Governance of Regionally Integrated Projects using Innovative Tools. Structural funds implementation in an integrated approach

the project

Italian, Czech and Hungarian regions partners in this project were involved in Twinning projects for Institution and capacity building for the implementation of structural funds since 2002. In the course of the Twinning activities intense exchange of experiences started specially on the topics of partnership and project integration. On this topics the Italian experiences were presented, and the approches in the new member states were compared.

At the same time, all partner institutions were busy implementing operational programmes for objectives 1 and 2, and the Italian regions experiences proved the long time needed to develop an integrated approach in projects for structural funds, and the difficulties but at the same time the value added of the integrated approach. The exchange of experiences was also supported by study visits in Italy of the officers from new member states, that offered them the opportunity of first hand experience of institution building processes for the management of integrated projects.

Preparation of GRIP-IT proposal started in spring 2004, in parallel with the start up of the programmes in the new member states. The start up of the programme in the new member states proved the need to develop innovative tools for the project cycle, to promote integration using a bottom up approach, starting from the creation of project partnership, to evaluate value added from integration in the project selection procedures and to monitor impact of integrated projects.

Discussion on future programming rules for 2007-2013 lead the partners to the strong belive that the development of new tools for governance of integrated projects could be supported specially by an interregional cooperation, capable to accellerate the process of understanding of constraints and advantages in the implementation of integrated approach.

The proposal GRIP IT has been developed taking in to account the specific needs of each participant, and building on the experiences of each of them. The institution building for the governance of Integrated projects in Basilicata Region. The integration through systems of constraints and objectives in selection procedures of Friuli region. The integration based on regional objectives in the Hradec Kralove Region. The integration at microregional level of interventions under the National thematic Programme OPRD in Nyugat-Dunantul Region.


Planned results


1. Effective management procedures and coordination of activities

2. Subprojects for integrated projects realised in partner regions.

3. Documentation showing the transferrence of good practises in integrated projects . Document about implementation of integrated project: preparation, managing, finding local partners and finance.

4. Inform ing partners and public about project progress. Publicity and dissemination of results and outputs project.




Start month/year: . 04/2005

Final month/year: . 12/2007

Start of subprojects . 03-04/2006

Final of subprojects . 09/2007




Lead Partner:

Hradec Kralove Region

Project partners:

Basilicata Region

West -Transdanubian Regional Development Agency

Friuli Venezia Giulia Region




1. Management and Coordination
Responsible partner: Hradec Kralove Region

2. Realization of Subprojects - regionally integrated projects
Responsible partner: Basilicata Region

3. Innovative methodologies and tools for programming and management.
Responsible partner: West Pannon RDA

4. Info and publicity. Dissemination of results
Responsible partner: Friuli Venezia Giulia Region




  EUR Sub projects
Hradec Králové Region 775 000 415 000
Region Basilicata 775 000 397 000
West -Transdanubian RDA 200 000 115 500
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia 375 000 225 000
TOTAL 2 125 000 1 152 600

Contribution of ERDF 1 500 000 EUR


Project control


* Subprojects will be controled by an independent auditor firm

* Project will be controlled by Centre for Regional Development

* Projects as a whole is controled by Joint Technical Secretariat Interreg IIIC East


System of management


* Steering Committee

* Technical Coordination Group

* Project coordinator

* Financial manager

* Component coordinators

* Working group for each component


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