Governance of Regionally Integrated Projects using Innovative Tools. Structural funds implementation in an integrated approach

partner regions

Hradec Kralove Region
Basilicata Region
West Pannon Region
Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region

THE PARTNERSHIP is based on a long experience of cooperation among all the regions, that started since 2001 with PHARE Twinning projects for Institution building and Capacity building for structural funds implementation.

This successful experience, in sharing of experience and transnational cooperation in institution building, led the partners to the strong belive that interregional cooperation produces a substancial added value for cohesion and economic development, and to the decision to continue the experience in the long term, in the framework of the INTERREG programme.


Lead Partner: Hradec Kralove Region
Project partners: Basilicata Region

West -Transdanubian Regional Development Agency

Friuli Venezia Giulia Region


1. Management and Coordination
Responsible partner: Hradec Kralove Region

2. Realization of Subprojects - regionally integrated projects
Responsible partner: Basilicata Region

3. Innovative methodologies and tools for programming and management.
Responsible partner: West Pannon RDA

4. Info and publicity. Dissemination of results
Responsible partner: Fruilly Venezia Giulia Region


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