Governance of Regionally Integrated Projects using Innovative Tools. Structural funds implementation in an integrated approach


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GRIP-IT partners are glad to present you the document "COMPARATIVE STUDY OF INTEGRATED PROJECT METHODOLOGIES", carried out in the framework of the Component 3 of the project. Have you a good reading!"
Comparative Study - unabridged version
Comparative Study - short version
Eszk÷z Ús irßnyelvek Integrßlt Projektek elokÚszÝtÚsÚhez
Hradec Kralov - Czech Republic

­2007 Oct 26
GRIP-IT - Final conference
Hradec Kralove Region
   • invitation
   • agenda

­2007 Oct 25
Steering Committee
Hradec Kralov - Czech Republic

­2007 Oct 15
GRIP-IT Meeting
Basilicata Region - Potenza

­2007 Sep 13-14
GRIP-IT Working Group

­2007 Jul 11-13
GRIP-IT study visit

­2007 Jun 29
GOSER - Final conference

­2007 Jun 27
EU NET - Final conference
Basilicata Region - Irsina

­2007 Jun 26
Basilicata Region - Matera

­2007 Jun 21
HEALTH-Y ECONOMY - Final conference

­2007 Jun 12
CULT - Final conference

­2007 May 30-31
TONE Final conference
Nachod - Czech Republic

­2007 May 14
Documents related to EUNET project (conference held in Monfalcone on May 4th 2007)
Monfalcone - Italy

­2007 May 3-4
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region - EU NET Partnership meeting and study visit
Monfalcone - Italy

­2007 February 21
GRIP-IT partners' contribution to the FORMEZ Newsletter

FORMEZ is an Italian institute providing support, accompaniment and training to public administrations. FORMEZ is sponsored by the Public Administration Department of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.

­ 2007 January 29
LoProDen Newsletter n° 1

­ 2007 January 08
CULT Newsletter n° 3

­ 2006 November 02
CULT Newsletter n° 2

­ 2006 October 17
CULT Newsletter n° 1

GRIP-IT aims at promoting integrated projects approach in the implementation of Structural Funds. Its contribution to the objective will be the production of innovative tools of governance and institutional models for planning and management of Integrated projects.

The Operation will promote and finance subprojects for transnational partnerships, for creation and testing of innovative practices in subprojects, exchange of expertise, production of methodologies for territorial subprojects, thematic projects, public and private partnerships.

The Outputs: subprojects, presentation of good practices, International conferences and workshops involving social and economic actors.

The Results: integrated projects using innovative methodologies will be promoted in the partnership regions, GRIP-IT will produce stronger impact of Structural Funds in the next programming period, helping to focus interventions and maximize multiplicative effects.

Culture Upholding Local Tourism

Museums in Network: European Children, Games and Local Cultures

Hospitals & SMEs for Healthcare Economic Cluster: Opportunities for Local Economy, Quality of Care and Cost of Care Reduction


Local Product

Governance Of Social Economic Relationship

Tourism Network in Historic Centres
Integrated project linking past and future ESF programming period.

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